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Track Machinery
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​The refurbishment process is made by the following activities:

  • Disassembling

  • Overhauling

  • Implementation of new technologies

  • Assembly

  • Testing

  • Factory Acceptance Test

Taking the 
track machinery
to the next level.

all around
the world.

Where all the
work begins.

Avantgarde Technologies

In the overhauling process, we can apply our advanced technologies.

Such as:

  • wRails 2.0 guidance system for tamping machines.

  • Track Rec Control track geomtery device. -

  •  AVrecorDATA realtime record data device.


Customer Care

We guarantee our work and provide ongoing maintenance and service anywhere in the world.

  • Pre and post sale commitment

  • whole-of-life solutions

  • Training 

  • Remote technical assistance

  • Supply of spare parts

On site, exactly
where you need.

Some of Our Products

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