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Machinery for sale

Explore our selection of pre-owned machinery available for sale

Avantgarde presents an extensive array of track machinery available for purchase, whether in a refurbished state or ready for immediate operation. Our railway machinery stands at the forefront of the industry, adhering to the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety.

Discover our latest inventory of machinery available for sale and seize the opportunity to acquire the best in railway equipment.

Do not miss this opportunity to elevate your railway operations with our unique machinery solutions

At Avantgarde, we offer a tailored service where we can provide additional pre-owned vehicles upon request, exceeding the options listed above. These vehicles can be supplied in various conditions, ranging from operational states to fully refurbished, customized to match specific applications and budgets. Vehicles available upon request include:


Tamping Machines
Ballast Regulators
Rail Welding Machines
Track Inspection Vehicles
Track Laying/Construction Machines

Rail Inspection Cars


Diesel-Electric Locomotives

Electric Locomotives

Heavy-Haul Locomotives

Shunting Locomotives

Narrow Gauge Locomotives

Passenger Wagons

Coach Cars Commuter Cars Double-Decker Cars First-Class Cars Sleeping Cars Dining Cars

Freight Wagons

Hopper Wagons

Flat Wagons

Tank Cars

Request any of the listed above machinery

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