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We want to provide refurbished railway
machinery that embodies
superior quality and exceptional efficiency everywhere in the world


Avantgarde is recognized throughout the world for its competencies in the refurbishment and maintenance of rolling stocks.


From Puglia to the World

​Founded in 2003 in Giovinazzo, Puglia, as a family business, Avantgarde has gained worldwide recognition for the high-quality service and products offered, thanks to the 40 years of experience of its founder, Vincenzo Dagostino.​

"Avantgarde represents an example of the Italian excellence

who is able to successfully export its products around the world."

by SACE - The Italian Export Credit Agency

Avantgarde has increased its expertise pointing to a worldwide approach for the overhauling, modernization and upgrade of any kind of railway machinery supported by a team of high-skilled technicians.

Avantgarde today has settled itself on the world stage as one of the best service providers for refurbished rolling stocks, through a unique highly customized service and an established global network of partners.

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To supply highly specialized services and products, satisfying any demand of our Customers at the most competitive price in the industry.

We commit to ensure a service based on:
● Use of highly specialized human resources.
● Innovative and high-tech solutions.
● Customization of products based on Client’s needs.
● Quality, reliability and safety.
● Environmental friendly.



Avantgarde has achieved prestigious and highly selective national and international qualifications, establishing itself as a certified and recognized maintenance company on a global scale within the railway industry.

In addition, Avantgarde adheres to ISO 14001 standards, providing a management framework for the integration of environmental practices. This commitment involves environmental protection, pollution prevention, and the reduction of energy consumption and resources. Furthermore, Avantgarde complies with ISO 9001 standards, defining the requirements that an organization's Quality Management System must meet to ensure the level of product and service quality in both internal operations and the market.

Finally, Avantgarde is also certified ISO 3834-2 standards for quality welding and for melting of metal materials. We are proud to have achieved such important goals granted by RINA Certification authority that guarantee our operations according to the highest standards of quality and safety. 



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