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Hydrogen solutions

Our dedicated R&D team at Avantgarde is working to develop a cutting-edge project focused on converting diesel locomotives into hydrogen-propelled ones.

This initiative underscores Avantgarde's commitment to advancing environmentally friendly railway solutions that not only adhere to stringent environmental standards but also contribute positively to our society.

Key features of hydrogen-propelled locomotives

The innovative technology employed in our green locomotives ensures a notable reduction in environmental impact. Through the chemical reaction within hydrogen-fuel cell stacks, our locomotives produce only water, air, and heat, completely eliminating CO2 emissions.

This achievement aligns with Avantgarde's mission to provide sustainable transportation solutions that prioritize environmental stewardship. Furthermore, the utilization of hydrogen-fuel cell stacks not only facilitates a cleaner energy conversion process but also ensures a high level of safety and an extended functional life

At Avantgarde, we are proud to contribute to a greener future through our innovative hydrogen project, setting new standards in railway sustainability.

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As part of the decarbonization initiatives within the steel plant in Taranto, Acciaierie d'Italia (AdI) and Avantgarde, an Apulian excellence in the technological redevelopment of railway locomotives, have entered into a memorandum of understanding for the development of.......

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