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Repowering & Modernization

Modernization Solutions for Diesel-Electric Locomotives and Railway Vehicles


Discover unique modernization solutions at AVANTGARDE, where we transform diesel-electric locomotives and railway vehicles into efficient, eco-friendly, and high-performance machines.
Our comprehensive services encompass advanced modernization techniques, including repowering through Modular Power Packs. These upgrades are integrated with a cutting-edge and redundant control system equipped with sophisticated diagnostics and telemetry features.

Modular Power Packs are designed to fit on any machinery frame and can be diesel gensets, powered by modern and low emission engines or hybrid with batteries or fuel cell to run on hydrogen.

Key features

Repowering Excellence

We specialize in repowering your existing diesel-electric locomotives and railway vehicles, taking existing, older vehicles that might be less efficient or outdated and transforming them into modern, high- performance, and environmentally friendly machines

Data Modern and Redundant Control System

Our modernization solutions are driven by a redundant control system that guarantees seamless operations. The system incorporates advanced diagnostics and telemetry, providing real-time insights and ensuring your fleet's performance is always at its peak

Economic Benefits

Experience substantial fuel cost savings with our modernization services. By optimizing the efficiency of your vehicles, we help you maximize fuel utilization, reducing operational costs significantly.

Environmental Responsibility

Our modernization solutions contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, promoting a greener approach to railway operations. By choosing our services, you actively participate in mitigating environmental impact.

Reliability Redesigned

Enjoy unique reliability in your vehicle operations. Our modernization solutions not only enhance performance but also increase the overall reliability of your fleet. Expect consistent, dependable, and efficient operations every time.


Why choose Avantgarde

At AVANTGARDE, we believe in the power of innovation and sustainability


Our modernization solutions are crafted with precision, ensuring your fleet not only meets but exceeds industry standards.


With a focus on recoverability, cost-efficiency, environmental responsibility, and unmatched reliability, AVANTGARDE is your trusted partner in elevating railway operations to new heights.

Experience the transformative impact of our modernization solutions

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