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We are proudly specialized in the refurbishment of railway machinery to save valuable time and resources for our clients.

Our refurbishment services not only bring your machines up to date with the latest safety standards but also enhance their reliability and usability.

From repairs to retrofits, we offer a wide range of refurbishment solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Machines Provider

At Avantgarde, we offer a comprehensive range of services for track machines, including overhauls, repairs, refurbishments, and retrofits. Our process is a well-orchestrated journey, beginning with a meticulous inspection to assess the current state of the equipment. This is followed by a collaborative design and engineering phase, where our dedicated team of experts tailors solutions to meet your specific needs. Once the plan is set, we embark on the refurbishment process, breathing new life into your track machines, enhancing their performance, efficiency, and safety.



Every machine undergoes a meticulous on-site inspection to assess the current state of the equipment and identify the scope of the repair/refurbishment to meet your needs at optimum cost.

Design & Engineering

When retrofit is required, we possess the expertise to not only redesign the machines but also engineer all their plants effectively giving them a complete transformation.


Our skilled technicians excel in all machine components, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, electronic, and digital systems, ensuring the highest standards of workmanship with top-quality materials and OEM parts. We offer tailored upgrades and innovative solutions for enhanced capacity or technology. Each machine receives meticulous inspection and unique enhancements, reflecting our commitment to precision and excellence.

Commissioning and handover

We offer additional services such as transport of the machine on site, and calibrating during the commissining period to ensure readiness for the job. We also provide knowledge and tools during handover to operate the machine with confidence.

Experience the transformational excellence of our refurbishment process,

elevating machines to perfect condition

and optimal efficiency.


Some of our projects


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Post Refurbishment Services


We offer tailored maintenance services, ensuring that your equipment remains in optimal condition over time giving you the peace of mind that your revitalized machines are ready to perform at their best.


we employ cutting-edge technology for data monitoring, offering real-time insights into the performance of your machines, remotely and on-site. This proactive approach allows for timely maintenance and guarantees continued peak performance.

Provision of 
Spare parts

Whether you need original parts or custom-made components, we guarantee that we'll find the right solution for you upon your need.


Our agile technical teams remain at your disposal on-site or remotely in any issue that you may experience. Our teams will promptly establish contact with you to ensure the continuity of your operations anywhere in the world.

Our refurbishment services are versatile and applicable to various types of machinery, including:

  • Tamping Machines

  • Track Construction Machine

  • Track Renewal Machine

  • Track Stabilizer

  • Ballast Regulator

  • Ballast Cleaners

  • Track Inspection Vehicle

  • Multipurpose Draisine

  • Self-propelled Platform

  • Locomotives

  • Rail-road Vehicles

  • Wagons

Take the opportunity to refurbish your next machinery

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